Welcome to The Village School Gold Coast

A bespoke and contemporary approach to learning inspired by community.

Student Enrolment

The Gold Coast's First Village School

The school name is a symbol of who we are and what we want to be; a boutique school, inspired by our surrounding community, empowering our student’s voices and changing the face of learning.

Principal’s Welcome

It is an honour to be the Founding Principal of this new bespoke school. I look forward to leading an outstanding learning community (staff, parents and students) and inspire our future community members and leaders to strive for improvement by being surrounded by opportunity to make changes, first within, then growing outwards from there.

My passion for inspiring “child-friendly” education and obsession with creating passionate life-long learners, has led me, with the full support of the School Board of Directors to create this unique school environment for children to be excited and curious to learn and that provides 21st Century applicable and adaptive skills.

Yours excitedly,
Mrs Bianca Nuss

The Village School Gold Coast is a child-focused, play- and skills-based community school that provides curiosity-led and place-based learning experiences with consistent low student to teacher ratio. We ensure that we hold ourselves accountable to the highest standards by meeting our students’ needs precisely and completely; ensuring that as a learning community, the students overall best interest comes first, to service their educational needs. This will be further supported with our individualised and personalised social skills program and integrated daily Australian Curriculum experiences.

Our values of curiosity, awareness and nurture enrich and underpin all of our teaching and learning experiences and is evident in all that we do at The Village School Gold Coast. Our learning environment is unique, child-friendly and real-world relatable. Our assessments are child-driven and for an authentic audience, whereby the educators are the facilitators, the “education coaches”, meeting your child exactly where they are at.

These values not only represent the exceptional learning environment that students will enjoy, but also inspires the future direction of the school. We deeply believe that by honouring the first nation that walked the land before us, respecting the diversity of our community members and surrounding our students with real-world learning, they will inspire the future innovation and success of the school.

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We are proud to be able to share our school with you and invite you to learn more about The Village School Gold Coast through our website. We look forward to welcoming/embracing you personally to the Village family, so you too can be part of something very special.