Providing high quality teaching and learning resources, as well as high adult to child classroom ratios.

Enrolment Procedure

The Village School Gold Coast conducts an annual enrolment process. Through our enrolment process we aim to ensure that we partner with families who are compatible. It is fundamental to the School operations that families understand our educational philosophy and values and support our principles.

STEP 1: Waiting List Form Submission

  • Once the completed Waiting List Form and Fee has been received, the Administration will place the applicant on the relevant year’s Waiting List and the form saved in an office file located in a locked room.
  • Families on the Waiting List will be shortlisted based on Enrolment Priority and available placements. The Principal has absolute discretion in determining the weight of each of the factors for consideration in this process. A submitted Waiting List Form does not guarantee an Offer of Enrolment.
  • Applicants will be offered an Interview with the Principal either the year before the students begins Prep, or during the school year as appropriate. The School Administration will send details of the proposed interview details (date and time), along with the following information:
    • Fee Agreement and Policy
    • Enrolment Policy and Procedure
    • Interview Form
  • The School Administration will retain Waiting List Forms of enrolled students, on a student file, according to the legal requirements.

STEP 2: Interview with the Principal

At the Interview, the Principal will:

  • Establish that the expectations and commitments of the parents/carers are consistent with the vision and mission, philosophy and values, policies and processes and school resources.
  • Inform parents/carers of their responsibilities regarding fees.
  • Assess the child’s readiness for formal schooling (for Prep entry students).
  • Consider adjustments that may be required for students with identified additional needs, as outlined in the section titled “Disability” below. Any external assessments of reports required will be at the parent/carer’s expense.
  • If necessary, seek permission to contact the child’s preschool, previous school, medical practitioner or other personnel who are considered significant for providing information pertaining to the need of the child. Where information suggests a profile of wilful misconduct, bullying, strong anti-social behaviours, poor school attendance or any other behaviours that may be detrimental to other students, staff or the School, the Principal may at their discretion, decline to proceed further with the Enrolment Application.

Offers of Enrolment will be determined at the discretion of the Principal, based on Enrolment Priority and available placements. The Principal has absolute discretion in determining the weight of each of the factors for consideration in this process. An Interview does not guarantee an Offer of Enrolment.

The School Administration will respond to all Waiting List Forms to inform them of their outcome. Successful Applications will be contacted and move onto the final step of the process. Unsuccessful applicants, who are not shortlisted for an Interview, will be notified and provided with the opportunity to reapply at a later date.

STEP 3: Enrolment Application

New families who have been successful, will receive an:

  • Offer of Enrolment
  • Enrolment Form
  • Enrolment Contract
  • Invoice for Administration Fee and School Bond
  • Additional relevant School paperwork eg: media release, emergency contacts, daily excursion form

The Enrolment Application needs to be accompanied by:

  • Evidence of paid fee and bond;
  • The student’s birth certificate or passport;
  • Current relevant medical reports/information (this includes allergies, asthma, diabetes, etc and is necessary to ensure The School can meet the needs of the student);
  • Any relevant allied health professional reports (this includes speech, occupational therapy, psychologist, etc and are necessary to ensure The School can meet the needs of the student);
  • Any court or parenting orders in relation to the guardianship arrangements of the student.

The Enrolment Application will not be reviewed or processed until the fee and all supporting documents have been provided (where applicable).

The forms and fees need to be received within 14 days. Failure to complete the forms and payment within the required time may result in the placement being offered to another child.

Withdrawal and Termination

If an Offer of Enrolment is made and accepted and the parents/carers subsequently decide not to proceed with enrolment, no less than a full term’s notice must be given or one term’s fees will be charged.

Should the bond be paid, and the student’s enrolment is cancelled prior to entering the School, it will be forfeited by parents. In exceptional circumstances, where the parents can demonstrate to the Principal that factors quite outside their control led to the cancellation, they may apply for a refund of the deposit. However, any refund is entirely at the discretion of the Principal.

If parents/carers choose to withdraw their child from the School for any reason, one full term’s notice must be given. If a student is to leave the School before Graduation, it is a condition of enrolment that parents/guardians must give a full term’s notice in writing to the Principal. This written notice must be received no later than the commencement of the last term of attendance. If notice is not given in full, parents/guardians agree to pay one term’s full fees. This amount is a genuine pre-estimate of the losses and damages incurred by the School in having allocated resources, planning and expenditure related to the student. An exemption may only be granted in exceptional circumstances at the discretion of the School Board.

A child’s enrolment may be terminated at any time at the discretion of the Principal, due to (but not limited to);

  • Parents/carers signing and not adhering to the Enrolment Contract
  • Student not making satisfactory progress
  • Student or the parents/carers not following the Positive Behaviour Management Policy
  • Violent and aggressive or unsafe behaviour, bullying, causing considerable disruption to other students
  • Consistent non-attendance
  • Failure on the part of the parents/carers to pay fees
  • Parents/carers undertake to impose their own agenda on the school through manipulation, bullying or harassment

If a student’s enrolment is terminated, one full term’s fees will be retained before any refund is given.