A Typical Day

Learning through natural independent exploration of our surrounding environment

Seasonal Timetables

These timetables are an outline only. As a small school, we are able to change the timetable according to the term’s theme, daily program and current student’s needs and suggestions.

Exemplar Daily Timetable

Teachers will be delivering learning through the Australian Curriculum via daily focused English and Numeracy lessons, and Science or Humanities and Social Science as (HaSS) integrated thematic units inspired by Kath Murdoch’s inquiry cycle.

Spending an hour outdoors exploring the surrounding community on a daily basis allows for authentic learning and connection opportunities to occur as guided by the School’s Place-Based Education.

Place-Based Education involves exploring the beaches, river mouth, parks, local sporting clubs and attractions allowing for the students to understand their place within the community, by observing how the community works and interacts around and with them.

5 minAcknowledgement of Country
60 minLiteracy
60 minOutdoor Learning / Play / HPE
60 minMathematics
60 minOutdoor Learning / Play
120 minIntegrated Studies

Exemplar Weekly Timetable

Outdoor Place-Based Learning LocationsKirra Beach ExcursionCoolangatta Beach Excursion


T1: Surf Life Saving

T2: Lawn Bowls

T3: Soccer, Athletics, and Team Games on Goodwin Oval

T4: Swimming at Palm Beach Aquatic Centre

Greenmount Beach ExcursionFroggy's Beach Excursion
Middle SessionExplicit English and Maths LessonsExplicit English and Maths LessonsExplicit English and Maths LessonsExplicit English and Maths LessonsExplicit English and Maths Lessons
Afternoon Session

Integrated Learning Activities with focus on:

T1&4: Science

T2&3: HaSS

Explicit Health and Developmental Play / LanguageIntegrated Learning Activities with focus on the Arts with an artist in residenceIntegrated Learning Activities with focus on TechnologiesLibrary for book borrowing and whole school meeting