The Learning Lens Curriculum

A bespoke and contemporary approach to learning inspired by community.

The Learning Lens

At The Village School Gold Coast, emphasis is on student involvement with activities that explore the purpose of all learning in regard to self. Secondly, students process information they have acquired and share their new knowledge to prompt further inquiry. Finally, students make ‘real-world’ connections, look to resolve/review genuine community issues and share the results of their investigations with a larger audience.

Phase 1

Begins with the teacher as an expert and students as an audience, students discovering why they are learning (tuning in). Teachers gradually release the learning responsibility motivating students to explore new concepts in greater depth.

Phase 2

Involves students as peers collaboratively engaged in activities centered around ‘finding out’ more about the topic, content and/or skills through researching, investigating, and experimenting. Students then ‘sort out’ the data or information collected and ‘take action’ through sharing knowledge with their peers as the audience.

Phase 3

involves the students confidently working, both independently and in groups, as they reflect on using their new knowledge, skills and/or understanding. This shifts the learning process from ‘making connections’ to ‘going further’, building the desire to create/solve and presenting their findings, reflections or insights as an ‘expert’ within the community (intended audience being the whole class, another class, parent body or wider community).

Learning is fluid and students can move between phases at any point as new questions arise, new learning or skills are required and/or, as the audience changes.

The planning, teaching, learning, assessment and reporting of all subjects is guided by The Australian National Curriculum.